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History of Polish Music

The aim of the project is to promote knowledge about Polish music and its history.

Kultura Współczesna - quarterly magazine

Kultura Współczesna [eng. Contemporary culture] is an academic journal exploring current issues in the areas of culture and cultural studies.


#BarwyWspólne is a social and educational campaign run by the National Centre for Culture.

15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the European Union

15 years ago – May 1, 2004 – Poland joined the European Union. Political, cultural and economic cooperation within the EU, crossing borders without passports, modernization of...

Accessible Culture

Accessible Culture is a systematic measure aimed at removing financial and capacity-building obstacles of citizens likely subjected to cultural exclusion.


ARCHI-ADVENTURES is an architectural education programme designed for children in preschools and first school years. It involves classes designed to introduce children to the subject of architecture...

Artist Residencies

The Artist Residencies website was launched in June 2016; its inception was preceded by an extensive research period. It is the first database of its kind to cover the whole of Poland.

Cultural Programmes

Cultural Programmes is the new audio platform of the National Centre for Culture featuring podcasts devoted to current events from the world of art and culture.

Culture – Interventions

The strategic objective of the National Centre for Culture's grant programme Culture – Interventions is to create conditions for strengthening identity and participation in culture at...

Culture Centre+

The programme is aimed at community centres throughout the country.