National Centre for Culture Poland (NCC; Polish: Narodowe Centrum Kultury) is a cultural institution with 60 years of tradition, which has been operating under its present name since 2002. The focus of the Centre is on developing and professionalizing the cultural sector by raising the qualifications and skills of managers, animators and other professionals through a variety of trainings conducted by Polish and international experts as well as through education and exchange programmes. At the same time the National Centre for Culture aims to maintain and promote national and state traditions along with Polish cultural heritage and also to foster cultural education and nurture interest in culture and art.

The Centre:

  • launches and supports research projects, debates, conferences and seminars that aim to promote effective implementation of cultural policy on various levels,
  • develops and maintains a platform documenting good practices in the field of cultural policy,
  • collects research reports as well as monitoring activities of national and foreign cultural observatories and research institutions,
  • inspires and supports social movements and NGOs operating in the fields of culture and national heritage,
  • disseminates cultural information and promote research activities in the fields of culture and national heritage,
  • raises the qualifications of people working in the cultural sector.



The history of the NCC dates back to 1950 when the Community Centre Guidance Service and Art Showroom was established at the Department of the Amateur Artistic Movement of the Ministry of Culture and Arts. A change in the direction of the institution in the 1950s led to its renaming as the Instructional-Methodical Centre of Cultural and Educational Work. In the 1960s, already as a stand-alone unit separated from the Ministry of Culture, the Centre functioned as the Guidance Centre for the Amateur Artistic Movement (CPARA), broadening the scope of its activities to include an educational section.

In 2002, the Culture Animation Centre of the Institute for National Heritage and the National Centre for Documentation of Regional Cultural Societies merged into the National Centre for Culture. The new institution took over some of the tasks of those institutions while expanding the scope of NCK`s activities to include new projects and programmes.

In 2005, the Minister of Culture merged the NCC with the Centre for International Cultural Cooperation to create the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, but in 2006 the NCC resumed its independent operations in the fields of education, publishing as well as the dissemination and promotion of culture.