15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the European Union

15 years ago – May 1, 2004 – Poland joined the European Union. Political, cultural and economic cooperation within the EU, crossing borders without passports, modernization of infrastructure – these are just some of the things that prove that the last couple of years were really good for Poland.  

15 years is great time to enjoy this success together!

Let’s celebrate together! 

On May weekend 2019 we invite you to four extraordinary cultural events. The biggest Polish stars will perform. We will remind you of the biggest radio hits from 2004 to 2019 in new arrangements. Together we will sing Oda do radości. We will also present - for the first time in Warsaw – joint concert of JIMKA and NOSPR. During the outdoor events outstanding dancers and acrobats will show their skills. We will provide educational games for the whole family.  

Poland in the EU 

Our presence in the European Union has different dimensions, depending on a generation: for people born in the 21st century the possibility of traveling around the world and owning a passport is something obvious. For people born in the 80s and 90s – a moment which separates the present day from the past. For people born before 1980, who remember the times of the People’s Republic of Poland really well – it is a huge civilizational leap, fulfillment of aspirations of living in a civilized country and also an answer to the question about Poland’s place in the world. 

From those individual stories of experiencing our presence in the European Union it is culture that can build shared memory and teach us how to celebrate those 15 years together. This is why the National Centre for Culture Poland has prepared a series of cultural events related to this anniversary.  


Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for cultural events related to the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the European Union, Prof. Rafał Wiśniewski, Director of the National Centre for Culture Poland 


 National Centre for Culture Poland 


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
Totalizator Sportowy


Polish Television, Polish Radio, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, Grand Theatre – Polish National Opera, the Royal Łazienki Museum



The spectacle Gramy dla Europy 

Błonia PGE Narodowy in Warsaw 

30th April, 19.30 p.m. (entrance open from 18:00 p.m.) 

Gramy dla Europy is a spectacular outdoor event with the greatest stars of the Polish music scene. We will hear, among others, Natalia Szroeder, Bednarek, Dawid Kwiatkowski, Margaret, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Enej, Golec uOrkiestra, LemON, Daria Zawiałow, Muniek Staszczyk, Bovska, Kortez, Organek, O.S.T.R., The Dumplings. The artists prepared music duets and previously unknown arrangements of favorite songs from the last 15 years, especially for the audience of Gramy dla Europy.

There will also be a theatrical formation which uses performance, body painting, dance – Art Color Ballet in étudebased on the myth The Abduction of Europa. 

Spectacular visualizations and animations in 3D presented on large-sized screens will be joined by aerial acrobatics shows. Animations in 3D and narration run by the hosts of the concert will concern the fifteen year long presence of Poland in the European Union.  


Concert Symfonia Europejska 

Grand Theatre – Polish National Opera in Warsaw 

1st May, 19.00 p.m. 

Radzimir Dębski (JIMEK) and NOSPR on the same stage. The program will join two musical worlds: classical and popular. It is not a coincidence that among the works we will hear Polonez by Wojciech Kilar from the movie Pan Tadeusz, which beautifully refers to the Polish tradition of national dances. What is more, it will become a kind of bridge between the Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 by Ludwig van Beethoven and compositions by Radzimir Dębski, which will be heard in the second part of the concert and are full of influences from modern Europe and the world.  

Tickets onNCK.BILETY24.PL 

Rodzinna Europa Picnic 

Royal Łazienki in Warsaw 

1st May, 11.00 a.m. – 18.00 p.m. 

During the picnic in May we will invite participants to intergenerational Polish-EU quiz, as well as to taboo, memory, word games and contests. Together with experienced animators we will learn about national and EU symbols and try to make them ourselves during workshops. At the picnic also children will have a chance to speak – their thoughts on the European Union will be set on a big canvas, which then we will colour together. 

Besides the educational zone, visitors of the Royal Łazienki will also be invited to a dance show and they will also have a chance to take part in juggling workshops.  

The shows presenting artistic skills will be enriched by the march of police and military orchestras which will perform, among others, the anthem of the European Union.  

Picnic “Rodzinna Europa” will take place thanks to the cooperation of the National Centre for Culture Poland with the Royal Łazienki Museum, within the “European Picnic” organized by the Museum. 


Concert Chórem za Europą 

Plac Piłsudskiego in Warsaw 

4th May, 19:00 p.m. 

"Stacja Warszawa" by Lady Pank, "Wszystko ma swój czas" by Perfect or "Trójkąty i kwadraty" by Dawid Podsiadło — those who know them will surely be interested in new arrangements of those songs prepared by Sound’n’Grace, TGD Choir, Agata Steczkowska’s Choir, Gospel Rain, AMU Chamber Choir in Poznań. During the concert we will hear the most popular songs from the Programme 3’ Hit Chart from the years 2004-2019 in completely new, surprising arrangements made by the Grzegorz Urban’s Orchestra.  

Everyone knows about Trójka’s Hit Chart. It is the most popular Polish chart and also a programme-institution broadcasted continuously since April 24, 1982! 

We invite the audience to sing with us. At the end of the celebration we will sing together “Oda do radości”. 

Programme 3 of the Polish Radio is the partner of the concert. 

Financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage within the Multiannual “NIEPODLEGŁA” Program for the years 2017-2022 


Exhibition Ojcowie Założyciele UE 

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw (near Kordegarda Gallery) 

30th April – 24th May 

grand opening – 30th April, 12.00 p.m. 

15 years ago Poland became a part of the European community. What characterizes this community? Which spiritual roots does it have? The answers to those questions can be found at the exhibition Ojcowie Założyciele UE.  

Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer, Józef Retinger and Karol Wojtyła, Aleksander Kojève and Denis de Rougemont, Jean Monnet and Altiero Spinelli, Edyta Stein and Simone Veil – those are very different people who will be presented at the exhibition. We will show how their actions and ideas contributed to the building of a united Europe.  

The exhibition was created at the initiative of the National Centre for Culture Poland. Dr. hab. Michał Łuczewski is the author of the screenplay (the Centre for the Thought John Paul II), graphic arts were made by Handsome Studio.